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Canada Open G-1

Canada Para Taekwondo Open

February 13 - 15, 2015

Toronto, Canada


Taekwondo Official Qualification Tournament for Toronto 2015 Pan Am Games

March 11-12, 2015

Aguascalientes, Mexico

Pan Am Qualifier Info - English

Pan Am Qualifier Info - Spanish


Mexico Open

March 13 - 15, 2015

Aguascalientes, Mexico

Mexico Open Packet - English

Mexico Open Packet - Spanish

Mexico Open Poomsae - English

Mexico Open Poomsae - Spanish


Paraguay Open G-1

May 29 - 31, 2015

Asuncion, Paraguay

Paraguay Open Packet - English

Paraguay Open Packet - Spanish


Bolivia Open G-1

June 5 - 7, 2015

Santa Cruz, Bolivia

Bolivia Open Packet - English

Bolivia Open Packet - Spanish




Toronto Pan American Games

July 19 - 22, 2015

Toronto, Canada


2015 Pan American Open G1

September 13 - 15, 2015

Aguascalientes, Mexico




Download the PATU Certified Poomsae Referee List here. (PDF)


026  4th PATU Poomsae Referee Certification Course scheduled in Las Vegas.

PATU will be conducting the 4th PATU Poomsae Referee Certification Course and WTF Standard Poomsae Seminar on Feb. 6~8 prior to the 2010 U.S. Open International Taekwondo Championships in Las Vegas, USA.  With ongoing success of PATU Poomsae seminars, PATU is proud to have produced many new Poomsae referees who will serve in all PATU Poomsae events.  PATU will certify new Poomsae referees and will also promote previously certified referees to higher level.  The seminar schedule and information are following;



Feb. 6~8, 2010 / Las Vegas, USA

Seminar Schedule 

Feb. 05: Arrival of Poomsae Seminar Participants / All Day

Seminar registration:
 On-line through USAT website


Door Registration: Feb. 06 / 8:30 AM / Tropicana Hotel (U.S. Open Headquarter Hotel)


Seminar will be conducted at Tropicana Hotel beginning Feb. 06.
All participants must report to Tropicana Hotel on Feb. 06 in TKD Do-Bok with note pad and
pens For more information and registration form, visit



Feb. 06: 8:30~9:30 am: Check-in & Door Registration (Cash Only)
      9:30~10:00 am: Opening ceremony
    10:00~12:00 pm: Basic Movement

               12:00~1:00 pm: Lunch
               1:00~3:00 pm: Basic Movements
               3:00~7:00 pm: Tae Guk Poomsae

Feb. 07: 9:00~10:00 am: Basic Movements            
               10:00~12:00 pm: Tae Guk Poomsae
               12:00 ~ 1:00 pm: Lunch
               1:00~4:00 pm: Black Belt Poomsae
               4:00 ~ 7:00 pm: Poomsae Competition Rules

Feb. 08: 9:00~12:00 pm: Black Belt Poomsae 
     12:00 ~ 1:00 pm: Lunch
               1:00~4:00 pm: Poomsae Competition Rules and Scoring Practice
               4:00 ~ 6:
30 pm: Test & Graduation Ceremony

Seminar Fees:
2 Days Poomsae Seminar Only for Coaches and Athletes: US $100.00
    PATU Poomsae Referee Certification Course (3 Days): US $200.00

025  PATU President’s New Year’s Message.

Dear PATU MNA Presidents, Council Members and Friends,

 Happy New Year!

 On behalf of PATU, I would like to wish everyone health, prosperity, good fortune and peace in 2010!  I would also like to wish all PATU MNAs unity, team work and positive development in all areas of our beloved sport, Taekwondo! 

 As we start the New Year, we have many new exciting programs and plans to develop and to lead our organization to become the best Continental Union under the WTF.  We will continue to organize our popular PATU Poomsae Seminars, develop and support sub regional open championships, and to improve tournament managements by incorporating instant video replay with electronic body protectors to ensure fair play and transparent judging.  I am confident that trough effective communication and team work, we can develop our members in all areas of Taekwondo, especially to better prepare for the 2012 Summer Olympic Games in London.


2010 is a very busy year for PATU members!  We will start this exciting year with; 

  1. PATU Poomsae Referee Certification Course & U.S. Open Championships in February in Las Vegas.
  2. World Youth Olympic Games Qualification Tournament and the World Junior Championships in March in Tijuana, Mexico.
  3. South American Games in March in Medellin, Colombia.
  4. Central American Games in Panama in March.


With the generous assistance of Korea Tourism Organization, PATU is also planning to organize PATU MNA president's conference & seminar in Korea in early August to assist all MNA presidents to successfully develop Taekwondo program in their countries with all available resources via WTF, Kukkiwon & and the IOC.  I am looking forward to have a full participation from all MNA presidents in this special trip as it will provide excellent tools and opportunities to manage and develop Taekwondo in all PATU nations.  Detailed information regarding this trip will be sent to you separately upon confirmation with all related organizations.  In later part of 2010, PATU will be celebrating the 1st Pan Am Senior Poomsae Championships and the 17th Pan Am Senior Kyoroogi Championships in Ecuador.  Along with other WTF, Multi Sport Games, and Olympic related events, PATU will be completing our own developmental programs, sub regional events and educational seminars as the largest and fully functioning Continental Union of the WTF.


I am proud to announce that we have successfully completed most of the 2009 Plans & Activities.  The few unfinished plans are projected to be completed in 2010.  The noticeable achievement in 2009 is without a doubt the official launching of new PATU website that is now fully functioning by servicing all areas of PATU businesses.  We have also completed three PATU Poomsae Referee Seminars and organized sub regional championships, international open championships, and successfully completed the 1st Pan Am Junior Poomsae Championships and the 5th Pan Am Junior Kyoroogi Championships.  Along with PATU Council members, I am extremely proud of all MNA presidents for demonstrating strong representation at the World Championships, and the WTF General Assembly to elect the next leadership of the WTF in Copenhagen.  It was by far the most participation in the history of PATU, and I sincerely thank you all for your entrusting support and team work in that important venture.  I would also like to extend my sincere appreciation to all MNA presidents for showing their concerns and offering support and assistance in times of urgency and hardship.  Many presidents extended their full support and provided intelligent solutions during those stressful times, and with that unprecedented cooperation and progressive leadership, we have completed 2009 with a great success!


As we begin another challenging year, I would like to ask everyone's cooperation and continued support of all PATU programs and events.  We had started to reconstruct and reorganize our organization in 2009, and I am confident that we are all on a right track to make our PATU the best serving Taekwondo organization in the world in very near future.  In closing, PATU Council & I would also like to extend our sincere appreciation to all of our friends and volunteers who has helped PATU through various PATU events in 2009, and looking forward to work with them with their continued support in the New Year as well.  Again, my best wishes to all PATU Council Members, MNA presidents, athletes, coaches, instructors and friends in 2010, and looking forward to working with you again in coming months!




Estimado Presidente de Federación Nacional, Miembros del Consejo y amigos,




A nombre de PATU, les deseo salud para todos, prosperidad, buena fortuna y paz en el 2010!

Deseo también la unidad de todos los países miembros de PATU, trabajo en equipo y desarrollo positivo en todas las áreas de nuestro amado deporte y Arte Marcial TAEKWONDO!

Empezando el nuevo año tenemos muchos emocionantes nuevos programas y planes para desarrollar y llevar a nuestra organización a ser la mejor Unión Continental en la Federación Mundial de TAEKWONDO.  Continuaremos organizando nuestros populares Seminarios de Formas, desarrollar y apoyar Campeonatos Subregionales, mejorar en  el manejo de Torneos incorporando  Repetición Instantánea de Video con protectores electrónicos para asegurar el juego limpio y transparencia en el arbitraje. Tengo confianza que a través de una efectiva comunicación y trabajo de equipo podemos ayudar al desarrollo de nuestros miembros en todas las áreas de TAKWONDO, especialmente para prepararnos mejor para los Juegos Olímpicos de verano el 2012 en Londres.


2010 es un año de mucha actividad para los miembros de PATU! Empezaremos este emocionante año con:

1-Curso de certificación de referees para Formas y el Abierto de Estados Unidos en febrero en Las Vegas.

2-Torneo Clasificatorio para los Juegos Olímpicos de la Juventud y el 8avo. Campeonato Mundial Juvenil en marzo en Tijuana, México

3-Juegos Sudamericanos en Marzo en Medellín, Colombia.

4-Juegos Centroamericanos en Marzo en Panamá.

Con la generosa ayuda de la Organización turística de Corea PATU también está planeando organizar un Seminario-Conferencia de los Presidentes de Federaciones Nacionales de PATU a principios de agosto para ayudar a todos los Presidentes Nacionales a desarrollar en forma exitosa programas en sus países con todo tipo de apoyos disponibles a través de WTF, Kukkiwon y Comité Olímpico Internacional. Espero que todos los Presidentes participen en este viaje especial que nos dará excelentes herramientas y oportunidades para manejar y desarrollar TAEKWONDO en todos los países de PATU. Información detallada con respecto a este viaje le será enviada por separado una vez que se confirme con todas las organizaciones involucradas.

Al final del 2010 PATU celebrara el 1er. Campeonato Panamericano de Formas Adultos en Ecuador junto con el 17avo. Campeonato Panamericano de Adultos.  Junto con otros eventos de WTF, Juegos Multideportivos y eventos relacionados con las olimpiadas, PATU estará trabajando en sus propios programas de desarrollo, eventos subregionales y Seminarios educativos como la más grande y funcional de las Uniones Continentales de WTF.  Me siento orgulloso de informarte que hemos completado en forma exitosa el 90% de nuestros planes y actividades. El 10% restante será terminado en 2010. Nuestro logro más importante es sin duda el lanzamiento de la nueva Pagina Web de PATU  que está ahora funcionando completamente dando servicio en todas las áreas de negocios de PATU. Hemos completado 3 Seminarios para Referees de Formas de PATU Y organizado Campeonatos Subregionales, Campeonatos Abiertos Internacionales y exitosamente llevamos a cabo el 1er. Campeonato Panamericano Juvenil de formas y el 5to. Panamericano Juvenil de combate. Junto con los miembros del Consejo de PATU, estoy muy orgulloso de todos los presidentes de Federación Nacional por demostrar una fuerte representación en el Campeonato mundial y la asamblea General de WTF en Copenhague. Fue por mucho la mayor participación en la historia de PATU y agradezco sinceramente por tu apoyo y trabajo de equipo en tan importante evento.  También quiero agradecer  sinceramente a todos los Presidentes de Federación por mostrar preocupación y ofrecer su apoyo y asistencia en situaciones de urgencia y crisis. Muchos presidentes dieron un apoyo total y aportaron inteligentes soluciones durante esos tensos momentos y con cooperación y liderazgo hemos terminado el 2009 con gran éxito.


Mientras empezamos un año lleno de retos, quiero pedirles a todos su cooperación y apoyo continuo a todos los eventos y programas de PATU. Hemos empezado a reconstruir y reorganizar nuestra organización en el 2009 y confío que estamos en el camino correcto para hacer de nuestra PATU la Organización de TAEKWONDO  de mejor servicio en el mundo en un futuro no muy lejano.


Para terminar junto con el Consejo directivo quiero dar mi más sincero agradecimiento a todos nuestros amigos y voluntarios que nos han ayudado en varios eventos de PATU en el 2009 y espero poder trabajar con ellos con su continuo apoyo en el nuevo año también.

De nuevo, mis mejores deseos para todos los Consejeros de PATU, Presidentes de Federaciones nacionales, atletas, entrenadores, instructores y amigos en el 2010, espero trabajar contigo de nuevo en los próximos meses!




 Master Ji Ho Choi
Pan American Taekwondo Union
Executive Council Member, WTF

024  PATU Completes 2009 with a Great Success.

PATU President Master Ji Ho Choi announced that 2009 PATU plans and activities are 90% completed with remaining 10% to be completed in early 2010.  Master Choi expresses his heartfelt appreciation to all PATU leaders and members for their excellent work for 2009.  He said, “As I complete my first year as the newly elected president of PATU, I am proud of what we have accomplished in our first year of leadership.  All PATU EXCO & Council members really worked hard and cooperated with each other to really kick start our quadrennial term against all difficulties and hardship that were prevailing in all areas of PATU.  It was indeed a true demonstration of dedicated leadership.  With this kind of cooperative yet progressive leadership, our future is really strong to become the best continental union of the WTF”  

023  PATU held EXCO & Council Meeting during the Pan Am Jr. Championship in El Salvador. 

During 2009 Pan Am Junior Championships, PATU held 2009 year-end EXCO and Council Meetings on Nov. 21, and made many new recommendations and plans for 2010.  Attending PATU officials were VP/North America, Mr. David Askinas, VP/Caribbean, Mr. Anthony Ferguson, VP/Central America, Mr. Oscar Pineda, Secretary General, Mr. Roberto Beltran, Treasurer, Mr. Sejin Park, Council Members, Ms. Maria Borello, Mr. Dennis Vargas, and Mr. Chuong Pham.

022  1st Pan Am Jr. Poomsae and 5th Pan Am Jr. Kyoroogi Championship was a great success. 

The 1st Pan Am Junior Poomsae Championship and the 5th Pan Am Junior Kyoroogi Championships held in San Salvador, El Salvador on November 18~22, 2009 were completed with a great success and excellent results.  Despite of  natural, financial, and organizational challenges, the organizing committee, headed by Mr. Oscar Pineda, the president of the El Salvador Federation, produced an excellent event throughout the 4 days of competition.  On the 1st day of the tournament, the 1st Pan Am Junior Poomsae Championship was completed with 100 competitors from 10 countries.  The WTF approved official Poomsae scoring system worked flawlessly, and appointed PATU Poomsae Judges were excellent with unbiased and consistent scoring to uphold the spirit of fair play.   The first introduction of PATU's Created Free Style Poomsae Team Competition was also a great success with excellent team work and beautiful choreography.  PERU won the Created Poomsae Team Competition, and Mexico won 1st place in overall poomsae competition Team.  The three days of Kyoroogi competition after the Poomsae competition, was also completed with a great results by many countries.  PATU celebrated the largest junior participation of 22 countries and 300 competitors.  This was by far the largest and the most successful junior event in recent PATU history.  To prove PATU referees  excellent  work,  there  were  no  protests and  no  serious  injuries  were reported throughout three days of the competition.  The competition management and the operation of the event were highly professional and done seamlessly, and all technical matters were dealt with utmost professionalism. These are all due to the excellent work by the PATU referee committee, technical committee and the tournament committee.  

021  2009 World Taekwondo Tour Completed in Mexico City, Mexico. 

The 1st World Taekwondo Tour 2009 held in Mexico wrapped up in a resounding success in Mexico City, Mexico on Nov. 14, 2009.  Before a jam-packed gymnasium of the Palacio de los Deportes in Mexico City, Korea’s Su-jeong Lim defeated Guatemala’s Euda Carias Morales 15-2 to win the top honors in the women’s -57kg category. With the victory, Lim, the gold medal winner both at the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games and the 2009 World Taekwondo championships in Copenhagen, Denmark, took home $20,000 in prize money.  The United States’ Diana Lopez and Spain’s Andrea Rica Taboada each won the bronze medal in the same category, together with $5,000 in prize money.  In the men’s -80kg final match, Great Britain’s Aaron Cook, who narrowly missed out on an Olympic medal at the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, came from behind to defeated the United States’ Steven Lopez with a KO victory. In the second round of the final match, Cook sent Lopez, the five-time world champion and two-time Olympic medalist, to the floor with brilliant headshot, drawing a big applause from the spectators. Korea’s Jung-ho Park and Iran’s Farzad Abdolahi clinched the bronze medal.  In the men’s -68kg division, host Mexico’s Idulio Islas won the title by edging Iran’s Mohammad Bagheri 9-0, while Germany’s Daniel Manz and Canada’s Maxim Potvin earned their respective country the bronze medal.  The Dominican Republic’s Gabriel Mercedes, the silver medalist at the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, outpointed Brazil’s Marcio Ferreira 3-0 for the title. Spain’s Joel Gonzalez Bonilla and Mexico’s Damian Villa won the bronze medal each.  The one-day World Taekwondo Tour, the first of its kind, drew a total of 16 top-class athletes in four weight categories. Electronic protectors and an instant video replay system were not used.  Modified WTF Competition Rules were applied to the event, in which a kick to the head granted an athlete four points, together with a strict 10-second rule. 

020  2009 World Championship Completed with a Great Success. 

The 2009 WTF World Taekwondo Championships was completed on Oct. 18, 2009 after a five-day tournament at the Ballerup Super Arena in Copenhagen, Denmark.  The Copenhagen World Taekwondo Championships drew a total of 928 athletes, including 558 men, from 142 countries, the largest ever in WTF history. The 2007 Beijing World Taekwondo Championships attracted 865 athletes from 116 countries.  For the first time in WTF history, electronic body protectors were used at the World Championships. Under revised Competition Rules, an instant video replay system was introduced, along with a new scoring system, which gives an athlete three point per kick to the head.  PATU’s all time favorite, Steven Lopez of the United States became the first five-time world champion as he won the gold medal in the men’s under 80kg category on the opening day of the 2009 WTF World Taekwondo Championships in Copenhagen, Denmark on Oct. 14, 2009.  Steven Lopez, the gold medal winner at both 2000 and 2004 Olympic Games and a bronze medalist at the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, brushed aside a stiff challenge from Spain’s Nicolas Garcia Hemme in the final match to earn the honor. He won the World Championships titles in 2001, 2003, 2005 and 2007.

019  WTF President Choue reelected at the WTF General Assembly in Copenhagen, Denmark 

Dr. Chungwon Choue was re-elected to his third term as president of the World Taekwondo Federation at the WTF General Assembly at the Scandic Copenhagen Hotel in Copenbhagen, Denmark on Oct. 13, 2009.  Out of a total of 150 votes cast, Dr. Choue garnered 104 votes against 45 by Thailand's Nat Indrapana, with one vote invalid. Choue was first elected president of the WTF in June 2004 for the remainder of his predecessor, and then was re-elected in May 2005 for a four-year term.  In the vice presidential elections, Mr. Sun-Jae Park, president of the Italian Taekwondo Federation; Gen. Ahmed Fouly, president of the African Taekwondo Union and vice president of the WTF; and Mr. Kamaladdin Heydarov, president of the Azerbaijan Taekwondo Federation and vice president of the WTF, were elected vice presidents of the WTF. There were five candidates for the vice presidency.  The General Assembly also elected 14 WTF Council members. They were 2 from Africa - Driss El-Hilali (Morocco) and Issaka Ide (Niger); 5 from Asia - Mohamed Al-Sulaiti (Qatar), Hong Sung-Chon (Philippines), Lee Kyu-Seok (Korea), Zhao Lei (China) and Sayed Mohammad Pouladgar (Iran); 4 from Europe - Fuzuli Musayev (Azerbaijan), Roger Piarulli (France), Jesus Castellanos Pueblas (Spain) and Metin Sahin (Turkey); 2 from Pan Am - Moon Dai Won (Mexico) and Mario Mandel Vaisman (Chile); and 1 from Oceania - Kim Tae Kyung (New Zealand).  PATU had a very strong representation at the General Assembly and EXCO election with 28 MNA presidents attending the meeting. 


018  The 5th Pan Am Junior Kyoroogi Championship to be held in San Salvador, El Salvador.

El Salvador Federation will be hosting the 5th Pan Am Junior Kyoroogi Championships on Nov. 20~22 at Carlos “ El Famoso Hernandez” Sports Palace in San Salvador, El Salvador.  PATU will be using WTF approved LaJUST Electronic Body Protectors for the first time for Junior Competitions in El Salvador.  All competitors will be able to practice with LaJSUT EBP system on Nov. 18 & 19 in designated hotels.  For more information, please refer to information package posted on PATU website or visit


017  The 1st Pan Am Junior Poomsae Championship to be held in San Salvador, El Salvador.
El Salvador Federation will be hosting the 1st Pan Am junior Poomsae Championships on Nov. 18~19 at Carlos “ El Famoso Hernandez” Sports Palace in San Salvador, El Salvador.  Since this is the first tournament of its kind, PATU is not requiring national team selections for all countries to promote Poomsae development in the region.  Any Poomsae athlete who is in good standing with his/her national federation can participate in this event without going through national team selections.  All Poomsae competitors must obtain a written permission from their national president.  Maximum athletes allowed for each country are a total of 30: 1st Dan (Male 5 / Female 5), 2nd Dan (Male 5 / Female 5), 3rd Dan and Above (Male 5 / Female 5).  New PATU created category is Free Style Created Team Poomsae Competition with music.  WTF official Poomsae Scoring System will be used in all Poomsae competitions.  Please refer to information package on PATU website or visit


016  3rd PATU Poomsae Seminar & Poomsae Referee Certification Course.

PATU will be organizing the 3rd PATU Poomsae Seminar & Poomsae Referee Certification Course prior to the 1st Pan Am Junior Poomsae Championships to be held in Instituto Nacional de los Deportes de El Salvador, INDES (National Sports Institute) in San Salvador, El Salvador from Nov. 15 to Nov. 17.  All PATU Poomsae Referees are invited to take this seminar to update themselves with the latest changes in WTF standard Poomsae and be promoted to higher level of Poomsae Referee Certification.  Referee Course Applications are available at

Seminar Schedule
 Nov. 14: Arrival of Poomsae Seminar Participants / All Day
Seminar registration: 6:00 PM / Hilton Princess Hotel ( Competition Headquarter Hotel) Seminar will be conducted in Instituto Nacional de los Deportes de El Salvador, INDES (National Sports Institute of El Salvador) beginning Nov. 15.
All participants must report to Instituto Nacional de los Deportes de El Salvador, INDES on Nov. 15.  Transportation from Hilton Hotel to Instituto Nacional de los Deportes de El Salvador, INDES (National Sports Institute of El Salvador) will be provided by the Organizing Committee.  The Bus will depart from Hilton at 8:00 AM.
Nov. 15: 8:30~ 9:30 am: Check-in & Registration
               9:30~10:00 am: Opening ceremony
               10:00~12:00 pm: Basic Movements
               12:00 ~ 1:00 pm: Lunch
               1:00~3:00 pm: Basic Movements
               3:00 ~ 7:00 pm: Tae Guk Poomsae
Nov. 16:  9:00~10:00 am: Basic Movements            
                10:00~12:00 pm: Tae Guk Poomsae
                12:00 ~ 1:00 pm: Lunch
                1:00~4:00 pm: Black Belt Poomsae
                4:00 ~ 7:00 pm: Poomsae Competition Rules
Nov. 17:  9:00~12:00 pm: Black Belt Poomsae 
                12:00 ~ 1:00 pm: Lunch
                1:00~4:00 pm: Poomsae Competition Rules and Scoring Practice
                4:00 ~ 6:00 pm: Test & Graduation Ceremony
Seminar Fees: Poomsae Seminar Only (2 Days only): US $100.00
                          Poomsae Referee Certification Course (3 Days): US $200.00



015  2009 Costa Rica Open Championship celebrated with 17 participating countries.

The 2nd Costa Rica Open International Championship was successfully completed in Cartago, Costa Rica on Aug. 27~30 with 17 participating countries and 750 competitors.  This event was the first international open event held in Central American region, and for an international event that’s organized for the second time, it was a great success with many participating national teams and elite athletes.  This two day event was managed by 25 WTF International referees as a WTF/PATU sanctioned event.  This event was also included in the WTF/PATU ranking system to officially recognize all winners into WTF athlete ranking system.  As an official WTF/PATU sanctioned event, all scoring was done by using LaJUST Electronic Body Protectors and scoring system to promote fair scoring.  PATU President, Master Ji Ho Choi accompanied WTF President, Dr. Chungwon Choue during the opening ceremonies.  Among other attendees at the Costa Rica Open Championships were Dr. Oscar Arias, president of Costa Rica; Mr. Henry Nunez Najera, president of the Costa Rican Olympic Committee; and Mr. Tae-myun Kwon, Korean ambassador to Costa Rica.


014  Ibero-American Union meeting held in Costa Rica.

More than 20 Spanish-speaking countries have gathered in San Jose, Costa Rica for the Constitutive Assembly of the World Taekwondo Iberoamericana Union, and the 2009 Costa Rica Open Taekwondo Championships.  The Constitutive Assembly of the World Taekwondo Iberoamericana Union took place on Aug. 27 in San Jose, Costa Rica, two days prior to the 2009 Costa Rica Open in Cartago, near San Jose. The two-day Open drew athletes and officials from 25 countries.  Together with the Francophone, Iberoamericana is one of the WTF’s large and significant friendship taekwondo unions bound by the same language.  WTF President Chungwon Choue and WTF Council members, including Mr. Ivan Dibos, IOC member from Peru, attended the assembly and the Open Championships. Among other participants were Mr. Jesus Castellanos Pueblas, president of the Spanish Taekwondo Federation; Mr. Roger Piarulli, president of the French Taekwondo Federation; Mr. Juan Manuel Lopez Delgado, president of the Mexico Taekwondo Federation; Mrs. Maria Rosario Borello Castillo, president of the Guatemala Taekwondo Federation and WTF Council member; and Mr. Dae-won Moon, chairman of the WTF Technical Committee and WTF Council member.  Among other attendees at the Open Championships were Dr. Oscar Arias, president of Costa Rica; Mr. Henry Nunez Najera, president of the Costa Rican Olympic Committee; and Mr. Tae-myun Kwon, Korean ambassador to Costa Rica.  The 1st Ibero-American leader’s meeting was held in Cartago, Costa Rica prior to the Costa Rica Open Championships.


013  The 2nd Pan Am Poomsae Referee Certification Course was completed in Costa Rica.

The 2nd Pan Am Poomsae Referee Certification Course was successfully completed in Cartago, Cosat Rica with 12 Seminar participants and 28 Referee Seminar participants.  PATU President, Master Choi personally conducted this 3 day course with PATU Referee Chairman, Master Myung Chan Kim, Technical director, Master Younggi Jeon, Poomsae Seminar Instructors, Santiago Escutia of Mexico, Master Sang Jong Moon of Mexico, Master Oskar Posada of Colombia, and Master Rodolfo Fallas of Costa Rica.  WTF Standard Poomsaes were practiced throughout three days of seminar and lectures on Poomsae competition rules were given on the second day and the third day of seminar both in English and Spanish.  Poomsae scoring was practiced on the third day followed by practical test and written test.  The new certified referee list and promoted referee list will be posted on PATU website by the end of October.


012  PATU President, Master Ji Ho Choi attended Korea Open as WTF Technical Delegate.

PATU President Master Ji Ho Choi was appointed as WTF Technical Delegate for the 2009 Korea Open International Taekwondo Championship in Incheon, Korea.  Master Choi was in charge of all technical matters during this event Korea from Aug 10~15.  During his busy schedule while in Korea, President Choi had individual meetings with WTF presidential candidates, Dr. Nat Indrapana of Thailand, and Dr. Chungwon Choue, the incumbent candidate, to hear their future plans and campaign promises and exchanged ideas to further develop Pan Am Region.


011  PATU coordinates PASO-WTF High Level Technical Course in Mexico City on July 12~18.

As a part of ongoing effort to provide high level technical assistances and supports to all PATU member national federations, PATU & WTF are organizing a PASO High Level Technical Courses to be held in Mexico City from July 12 to 18.  PASO has approved this comprehensive technical course for Taekwondo, and WTF & PATU are currently coordinating all detailed schedule, instructors and curriculum for the course to ensure the best education and training for all participating national coaches with the latest technical methodology and sport science related to our sport of Taekwondo.  The entire course is scheduled for 5 days where participants will be focusing on all areas of technical training.   As a part of Pan Am Olympic Solidarity Program of Courses and Seminars, PASO will be providing airfares, room & board, local transportation, and all class materials to one national level coach from each PATU member national federations.  Upon successful completion of the Course and passing an Exam, participants will be receiving a diploma of the course signed by the PASO president.  All presidents of the PATU MNAs shall recommend one national level coach to PATU headquarters on or before June 12 with his or her Full Name, Date of Birth, Passport Number, Name of Departing Airport to ensure proper arrangement of their travel and participation. 


010  Honduras finalizes Technical Manual for the 9th Central American Games.

2009 the 9th Central American Games Technical Manual for Taekwondo Competition has been completed between PATU and the Organizing Committee in the City of San Pedro Sula on May 21.  PATU president, Master Ji Ho Choi visited San Pedro Sula on May 20, and completed site inspection and finalized technical manual for the 9th Central American Games to be held on December 16 & 17.  Taekwondo Games will be held in the City of San Pedro Sula by using WTF approved Electronic Body Protectors under the new WTF Competition Rules that will be effective as of June 01, 2009.  The Organizing Committee will set up two regulation size competition areas, and athletes for 8 Men and 8 Women’s weight categories will be invited from the 7 Central American Countries.  The competition format will be a single elimination.

All participating countries are required to recommend minimum of 1 international referee as required by ORDECA, and all technical officials, including 15 international referees, will be appointed by PATU.  The technical meeting was held by PATU President, Master Ji Ho Choi, President of the Honduras Federation, Dr. Obdulio Pacheco, and the Technical Director of the Organizing Committee, Mr. Alberto Barrera.  The Organizing Committee President, Mr. Roberto Nodarse invited Master Choi for a dinner meeting on May 20 and discussed all related matters to assure the success of the Games.

009  Canada Association elected a new President.

Taekwondo Canada elected a new president on May 15, 2009 at their AGM.  His name is Sean FitzGerald.  Mr. FitzGerald will be serving Taekwondo Canada Association for next two years.  He assumes the responsibilities of the president immediately due to vacancy caused by sudden resignation of past president Grand Master Kee Ha in 2008.  The Taekwondo Canada Association also has elected the rest of the directive board members, and their list will be posted in the coming weeks when an official notification is received from the new president of the Canada Association.  PATU congratulates Mr. FitzGerald for his success at the election and looking forward to work with him and his new administration.  

008  The 5th Pan Am Junior Championships to be held in El Salvador

“El Salvador 2009” The 5th Pan American Junior Kyoroogi Championship, and the 1st Pan American Junior Poomsae Championship will be held in El Salvador on November 19~22, 2009.  This decision was made by PATU on May 01, 2009 and all official sanction procedures have been completed as of May 19.  El Salvador Federation, lead by PATU’s Vice President, Mr. Oscar Pineda, was the only federation who has successfully completed all bidding procedures to host this prestigious event, and PATU is proud to announce the new hosting of Pan Am Junior Championships in Central America for the first time.  All related information will be posted on PATU website in coming weeks as El Salvador Organizing Committee is working hard to complete the information packages for all member national federations.  PATU is also planning to hold an official PATU Poomsae Referee Certification Seminar prior to the event to develop Poomsae Referees in the region to better prepare for the 1st PATU Junior Poomsae Championships.  All Kyoroogi competitions will be officiated by following the new WTF competition rules as the new rules are coming to effect beginning June 01, 2009.

007  2009 Costa Rica Open” is postponed to August.

Due to ongoing Swine Flu Epidemic in the Pan Am Region, PATU and Costa Rica Organizing Committee have reached a decision to postpone 2009 Costa Rica Open Taekwondo Championships to August 28-30, 2009 to be held in Cartago, Costa Rica.  Subsequently, PATU Poomsae Referee Certification Seminar that was scheduled prior to the Costa Rica Open is also postponed to August 25-27, 2009.  This precautionary decision was made based on recommendations from WHO (The World Health Organization) and Costa Rica Ministry of Health to protect all participants from possible exposure to the H1N1 virus that is strongly affecting Mexico and nearby nations. 

006  2009 WTF World Taekwondo Tour postponed due to swine flu epidemic.

The President of the World Taekwondo Federation announced that the World Taekwondo Tour 2009 Mexico scheduled to take place on May 2, 2009 has been postponed until further notice due to the outbreak of the deadly swine influenza in Mexico causing the death of over a hundred people. The World Taekwondo Tour 2009 Mexico was initiated as a pilot project for the future organization of regular World Taekwondo Tour, but for the safety of the participating athletes, spectators and the general public, as well as a recommendation of the WHO, WTF President Choue unavoidably made the decision on the postponement of the event.

005  New Mexico Federation President is Elected:

Mexico Taekwondo Federation has elected a new president, Mr. Juan Manuel Lopez Delgado.  The election was held on March 28, 2009 and Mr. Delgado will be serving his presidency from 2009 to 2013.  He assumes the responsibilities of the president immediately.  The Mexico Federation also has elected the rest of the directive board members including the new secretary general, Mr. Jorge Alvarado M.  PATU congratulates Mr. Delgado for his success at the election and looking forward to work with him and his new administration.  

004  PATU Poomsae Referee Certification Course:

PATU will be holding an Official PATU Poomsae Seminar & Referee Certification Course from May 25~28, prior to the Costa Rica Open Championships in Cartago, Cosat Rica.  Please refer to the official seminar schedule to plan your travel to Costa Rica.  All Kukkiwon Certified Black Belts are welcomed to take the Poomsae Seminar.
Poomsae Referee Certification Course will be offered to all black belts higher than 2nd dan holders.  PATU will select referees for the upcoming Pan Am Junior Poomsae Championships only from the PATU certified Poomsae referees.

003  WTF President Choue visits PATU President, Master Ji Ho Choi:

WTF President Chungwon Choue met with Pan American Taekwondo Union (PATU) President Ji Ho Choi and dozens of taekwondo masters in New York, the United States on March 30, 2009 to exchange opinions on how to further develop taekwondo and the WTF.  In a meeting with PATU President Choi and taekwondo masters in the New York region, WTF President Choue explained in detail about the results of the ASOIF General Assembly held in Denver, the United States on March 24. The ASOIF General Assembly decided to propose to the IOC the 26 sports, including taekwondo, on the 2012 London Olympic program be voted on in a bloc for the 2016 Olympic Games.
The get-together meeting was organized by the Taekwondo Association of the Great New York, headed by Mr. Heung-Taek Hur for the visiting WTF President Choue. Dr. Choue flew to New York after attending the 2009 Sport Accord conference, which concluded on March 28 in Denver.  He also attended a dinner reception hosted by the Greater New York Taekwondo Association with PATU President Choi, and held a friendly conversation session with the local masters regarding development of Taekwondo in the world.  After the dinner, President Choue presented new WTF publication “The Olympics and Taekwondo” to all attendees and motivated them by personally autographing the books for all masters. At the gathering, WTF President Choue expressed his appreciation to the association for its ceaseless efforts for the promotion and dissemination of taekwondo in the New York region since its inception in 1978.  Dr. Choue told the participants that the 2009 Summer Universiade, to be held in Belgrade, Serbia in July this year, will feature not only kyoroogi, but also poomsae for the first time.  He also said that the upcoming 1st WTF Para-Taekwondo Championships in Baku, Azerbaijan on June 10 this year would greatly help enhance the status of taekwondo in international sports circles.  In a separate meeting with PATU President Choi, WTF President Choue exchange opinions on how to develop taekwondo in the Pan American region.  President Choi informed the WTF President with current matters of PATU, such as effective implementation of IOC solidarity programs in the region, scheduling new Kyoroogi & Poomsae IR seminars in different regions, uniform & equipment supports for small countries, etc.  President Choue stayed in the Greater New York area for 3 days and met with many senior masters to exchange opinions on current matters.

002  A new start of the South American Taekwondo Championship:

The South American Taekwondo Championship has been successfully revived with the joint effort of the PATU and the Chile Taekwondo Federation.  2009 South American Taekwondo Championship was successfully held on March 13~15 in Vina del Mar, Chile. The South American Championship has been inactive since Paraguay last hosted in 1997.  PATU president Choi supported the Chile federation’s request to host the event to celebrate an introduction of new Taekwondo training center in new Chilean Olympic Training Center.  Despite of late organization, the event was a great success with the participation of 5 South American countries, Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Peru, and Ecuador.  Chile won overall 1st place due to their 1st place success in Male & Female Team results.  PATU is excited to observe a new development and a jump start of Taekwondo in Chile.  With the request of the Chile Federation, the next South American Championship will be held once again in Chile.  


001  PATU held its first Executive Committee & Council Meeting:

PATU held its first Executive Committee and Council meeting on Feb. 10 prior to the U.S. Open Championships in Las Vegas, USA.  The EXCO and Council meeting handled many ongoing issues and new developmental programs for 2009.  The participating officers were President: Ji Ho Choi, Vice Presidents: David Askinas, Oscar Pineda, Mario Mandel Vaisman, Secretary General: Roberto Beltran Ramonetti, Treasurer: Sejin Park, Auditor: Eduardo Labadie, Council Members: Chuong Pham, Maria Berello Castillo.  President Choi appointed two new council members, Hung Ki Kim of Venezuela and Dennis Vargas of Costa Rica, and both were unanimously accepted and approved by the EXCO members.  PATU Technical officials who attended the meeting were PATU Technical Chairman Younggi Jeon, Referee Chairman Myung Chan Kim.  The EXCO also held an official product signing with SANGMOOSA, Korea during the meeting.

2009 PATU Plans & Activities

  • Hold the first PATU EXCO & Council Meeting in February prior to the U. S. Open.
  • Continue to organize PATU Poomsae & Technical Seminars in all 4 regions.
  • Organize 2009 PATU Junior Championships & 1st PATU Junior Poomsae Championships
  • Organize PATU Statutes Revision Committee.
  • Implement New PATU Tournament & Athlete Ranking System.
  • Attend WTF World Cup Team Competition in Baku.
  • Attend WTF World Championship in Copenhagen.
  • Attend South American Championship in Chile.
  • Attend Costa Rica Open Championships.
  • Attend Bolivarian Games in Medellin, Colombia
  • Attend Central American Games in Hoduras
  • Raise Funds to hold PATU Leader’s Convention prior to Pan Am Open in Mexico.
  • Develop Instructor Support Plan for small countries.




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